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Champagne and Sustainable Growth

To produce in the respect of environment is an obligation for a label guaranteeing the quality of wine.

« Viticulture Durable en Champagne » and « Haute Valeur Environnementale », what’s that ?

HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) is a label of the Ministry of Agriculture. Every certified productions comply with several criteria. These relate to biodiversity, plant protection strategy and fertilisation management.

VDC (Viticulture Durable in Champagne) is specific to the Champagne region. It illustrates our desire to reduce our biodiversity, carbon and water footprints.

For more than 10 years, we have put in place alternative methods to the massive use of fungicides.Our goal is to make quality champagne that respect the environment.

As of now, our investment and our environment practices are rewarded by these 2 certifications.

Well-kept grass

The House Olivier Père et Fils has chosen to use products with a good environment profile.

In order to preserve environment for a long time, we planted grass on 90% of our vineyards. It is a solution to not use any weed-killer and to limit the waste into the soils, because the grass captures and absorbes the residues. The grass also limit the water streaming and the erosion of the soils and favours the bio-diversity. The vineyards become more resistant to parasites.

To ensure this new practical, we have adapted our engine by using mower to maintain the rows, and with a special plough to remove the weed from the soil between the vine-stocks.

The objective is to eliminate the weed-killers from our vineyards.

Nutrition of the soil and vineyards

We use only fertilizers with 100% of organic matter which can be used by biologic agriculture (80% sheep manure and 20% vegetal compost)

Integrated Viticulture

Sustainable grape growing is recommended by "Comité Champagne" which mutualize the experiences and provides us the control of our practice (optimization by "absolute necessary")

Control of the stored water

We have built a washing station for the engines and we collect the water waste to clear it.


Update on 28/07/2020