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Champagne OLIVIER Père & Fils

2 rue Kennedy

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History of the vineyards Champagne Olivier

The history of the house began in 1910 with Jules Olivier, great-grandfather, a true lover of the soil, who started grape growing in a vineyard of 1.5 hectares.

His son Jean, with the same passion as his father, increased the size of the vineyards.

The first champagne bubbles appeared in 1968, when Jean-Claude, a dedicated wine lover, decided to make his own champagne and created the brand we know today : Olivier Père et fils.

Over the past 40 years there have been many developments, Julien and Bertrand, now cultivating 11 hectares of vineyards, but they still continue the methods handed down to us from generation to generation.

The domain of 11 hectares is mostly situated on the south facing slopes of the commune of Trélou on the right bank of the River Marne.

We grow all three of the grape varieties necessary for the production of champagne : Pinot Meunier gives fruit and freshness to the wine. Pinot Noir gives body and strength, and Chardonnay gives elegance and lightness.

These three varieties, grown on vines of an average age of thirty five years and ideally positioned for sunlight, enables us to produce grapes of very high quality and maturity.

We respect the environment and attach great importance to sustainable development and we only spray when it is absolutely necessary.



Update on 04/03/2019