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The myth of the teaspoon.

How can you keep the sparkle in your Champagne once the bottle is opened ?

Many claim that if you place a teaspoon in the neck of the bottle this will prevent the Champagne losing its fizz. Just an old wife’s tale or a future Nobel prize for physics ?

This question, which people frequently ask us, deserves a clear answer ! After a series of experiments by the Champagne growers’ professional association with several identical bottles of champagne opened at the same time, it is clear that the teaspoon makes absolutely no difference to the rate of loss of pressure !

However, in a bottle re-corked with a champagne stopper, little or no pressure is lost and the champagne can be kept for several days. So, we suggest that you use a champagne stopper.

The best solution, of course, is to finish the bottle and, if you want to recapture the delicious sensation of sparkling champagne… open another one !

Update on 01/08/2014